Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The thing is, when you are hooked on a series called 'The Killing' and it was made in Denmark, the actors are speaking Danish.

20 subtitled episodes.

If you have to pee or let the dog out or you, uh, fall asleep on the couch, the words don't reach your conscious ear or your subconscious. Because they are Danish words.

You'd think after 20 episodes, I would have learned Danish.




Ms. Moon said...

You have better powers of concentration than I do. And that's the truth.

Sabine said...

tried to learn it for at least ten years, hopeless, (piskefloede means beaten cream and ost means cheese - that's where I give up) but the Killing is great stuff!

beth coyote said...


Sabine-I'm waiting for the second season!!