Thursday, April 05, 2012

The only reason I'm still awake is because I brought work home and the last two days have steamrollered over me and squashed me flat.

Besides after work was DOG SCHOOL where Julie, the dog whisperer trained the humans to understand their canine friends who a) bark b) pee and/or poop on the floor c) jump on people d) ignore your requests/commands etc.

Julie is strict but kind. Felix whips around and stares intently at her whenever she says his name. Felix! See, there he goes. She rules him. She commands him. We are sad slackers compared to Julie.

We are learning:
On the rug
Let's go (with emphasis)

After a 12 hour clinic day, I am just not really ready for class in a stinky dog pee room with other dogs who are ill-mannered. I mean, felix is perhaps not perfect but we're so proud of him. It's sick actually. He's like our child and we're the pleased parents. Gawd.

I must go to bed now. I go on call tomorrow at 7AM.

Fortunately, I found a bit of chocolate in my secret drawer and I ate it all. Staff of life=chocolate.


Your friend Beth

PS. I just finished Swamplandia! Fantastic book. And I'm on to a new series called The Killing, from Sweden, also fantastic.


Ms. Moon said...

When I wrote my post about Owen at the story-hour yesterday, it reminded me of when we took our boxer pup Pearl to puppy class and how she just didn't want to behave properly and the other dogs were afraid of her because she was so enthusiastic in her greetings and joy.
Now- Swamplandia? Did not like it! I wanted to like it. I thought I'd like it. Didn't end up liking it.

Radish King said...

Crushing on Felix. And you of course.

Do you have a magnolia? They are open all over the city and they drop so fast. I keep forcing Page to drive me around so I can look at them like an 80 year old woman.

Sabine said...

Love your dog!
Tried a dog whisperer with the last dog we had and we failed so utterly we were too embarrassed to go back to class. But then some friend taught us the stuff with the click tool and a pocket full of little itsy dog biscuits and somehow that worked really well - for a while. The thing is that dogs look at you with those eyes...
The Killing - is Danish, great stuff, but the US remake sadly sadly has a totally different ending which sucks, sorry.

beth coyote said...

Ms Moon-didn't like Swamplandia!? How come? Would love to hear why.

Dearest R-We have 2 magnolia and they are wondrous.

Sabine-Oh no! Well, we're downloading the Danish version now and so we can compare.