Friday, July 31, 2009

It is J's b'day tomorrow and in honor of SeaFair, we are going far, far away. To Lake Quinault, in the rain forest. My lawyer thing went surprisingly well and I am celebrating. Into the wild, sort-of. We will hike and swim and eat as vegan as we can, given the circumstances. I might even eat an egg. Being vegan is annoying annoying annoying. I'm not being self-righteous, honest. Just ethical. India cured me of animal consumption. Everything so close there, so immediate, on the street.

It is COOL outside today. The baby jesus heard our prayers and lowered the thermostat to 75-ish. Thank you baby jesus. After sleeping (or trying to sleep) on the deck, I have about 45 mosquito bites. I even have one in my armpit.

Tomatoes are exceedingly happy today. Many ripe or almost ripe ones. The squashes are getting bigger. The chard struggled but stuck it out. Hooray for vegetables. All hail to the plant kingdom.

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