Saturday, July 25, 2009

Brown Seattle grass, tomatoes love this weather. Not the hostas or the hydrangeas. I first saw hydrangeas on Cape Cod, enormous bluish-purple bursts against the worn shingled cottages. I can't imagine how it might have changed. Stanley Kunitz lived there part of the time. With his garden. May Sarton had a garden. These days my garden is sucking up the water. I dread the water bill at the end of this heat wave. 

Last night P and I ate tamales and drank pomegranate margaritas in her new neighborhood. Everyone who lives there was out on the sidewalk, eating, drinking, leaning back on folding chairs. Like NYC in the heat. Men playing dominoes on card tables and kids running through the fire hydrants with Yoohoos and shaved ice.  Moving slow. 

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