Friday, July 03, 2009

I'm going to the pool where there are: large old ladies mooshing through the water to Motown tunes, men of a certain age who do massive walloping flip turns at the wall to impress, um, me?, women who get in, do their laps and get out, and a few children. The children actually have fun.

The day is bright and summery and Jim, who lives in my basement apartment, got the frozen nozzle off my garden hose so I can water my darlings, my lovely flowers and tomatoes and basil. The nozzle was misbehaving and spritzing water in a pitiful little stream sideways. Now I can blast it and run up my water bill. Seattle is strangely rain free, kinda creepy.

I wonder where the Ballard bear is today. I hope she's eating honey and blackberries and enjoying the sun. I hope she can put in earplugs for the fireworks which I DETEST.

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