Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The first day in forever when (I thought) I could lounge in bed, catch up on the NYT from last Sunday and contemplate the whole day. So, of course, my midwifery partner called to ask if I can do clinic this morning because she is at a birth. The march of babies. Or the July of babies. 

This bucket is empty. Next life, I'm coming back as a long haired cat in a rhinestone collar. I'll lie on the couch whenever I want. Servants will carry me around. Someone else will do the cooking.


Valerie Loveland said...

I can't decide if a July birthday would be fun or lame. Probably lame as a kid since you won't have your birthday during school, then good later when you are an adult and there is nice weather on your special day.

Mine is in December, which everyone agrees, is lame.

beth coyote said...

totally lame, honey bunch.

Radish King said...

My birthday is in July and it's perfect. I celebrate the entire month though, every single day, so that might account for part of it.