Sunday, November 30, 2014

Jim the contractor is in the basement with a shop vac vacuuming out a small ocean of water. A pipe burst {{{{sometime}}}} today and when I got home from lunch/dance/etc there was the distinct sound of water, lots of water coming from the remodel.

The partly dismantled back bathroom was spewing water all over the floors and flooding into the basement.


Now the water is off so I brought in all my water bottles so I can brush my teeth.

He just came in and told me he's coming back with tools to cap the broken pipes so I can have water back on tonight.

I asked him if he'd consider being my ongoing maintenance man once the job is done and he said he would.

This is certainly working out better than having a partner.


Radish King said...

but oh the fuckery of frozen pipes have been through this so sorry my darling Poet.

Elizabeth said...

That last line was redemptive.


Betsy said...

That sucks. But I do like R's phrase, "the fuckery of frozen pipes." I hope to not have to use it though.

I bought this product last summer to start my lawnmower, I think it was called "mechanic in a can", and when I took it to the cash register, the woman looked at it and said, "You mean I didn't have to get married?" No! And now you have an on-going maintenance man. Rock on, Sister!


Sabine said...

Oh jeasuss, hope this will be fixed pronto and forever. I would probably fall to pieces - unlike you.

beth coyote said...

Fuckery indeed.

Elizabeth-and it's true.

Betsy darling-is that like a can of whup-ass?

Sabine-I built a fire and sat with the animals while all raged around me. Sorta like the Titanic.

Betsy said...

Yes, exactly, Ms. C.
How's Rosie, btw?

Gordon Patton said...

Awww, that was tough and more than a little bothersome. The pipes shouldn't get stuck into those types of binds that are often than not is beyond anyone's control. A good foundation can really help in that, or at least a good plumbing blueprint. It also doesn't hurt to have more than a bit of emergency plumbing repair on standby. Anyway, I hope everything's fine now. All the best!

Gordon Patton @ Bison Plumbing