Saturday, November 08, 2014

I will not speak of the hike Holly and I attempted yesterday. Suffice it to say that when others post that the road leading to the trailhead is dreadful, believe them. It was dangerous with rocks and gullies and only fit for 4 wheel drives with high axels. My wee Fit was no match. And it was 6 miles straight up. Holly said her palms were sweating.  I turned around.

The day was gorgeous so we sort-of salvaged ourselves with a pretty hike near a roaring creek while the dog tore around chasing imaginary squirrels.  We were way out near Rainier Mt and there was no traffic and no other hikers.

Today all this happened:

I am the master of all I survey. And there is the beginning of a roof!!! This is truly exciting. I brought the men cookies. I might be using the loft for sleeping eventually. As long as I can get up there...

I looked at plane fares for the UK, about $4500. Whew. I have been saving. We'll just have to sleep along the road. In sleeping bags.

Tonight my neighbor came over to ask if I liked cinnamon rolls. Who doesn't like cinnamon rolls? Even though I've been exercising like a fiend and actually counting my calories. The roll even had icing on it. It was delicious. The thing about dieting-you can always start again tomorrow.

And getting up in the early morning to go swimming is heavenly; quiet and peaceful.

Fall is well and truly here.


Jo said...

It costs SO MUCH to come over this way - why is it so much more from the States? It would be less than half that from this direction.

Mmmm. Cinnamon rolls. I'm glad those aren't a thing here, really, so I don't have to fail to abstain.

Ms. Moon said...

Your view is spectacular! All of this pain will be worth it.
As to dieting- I'm not even trying which has its own problems and rewards.

beth coyote said...

Jo-right? Is it a conspiracy? Or payback for the Revolutionary War?

Mary-We are well into the excess calorie season. Between Halloween and New Years, it's a path lined with all manner of goodies, most of them unnecessary for actual survival.

Elizabeth said...

What a view! And what's with the trip to England? Is that something that you're planning that I missed you talking about here?

Betsy said...

I think there's everything to love about cinnamon rolls, and even more to love about a neighbor who brings them to you.

I'm glad you turned around on the hike. That's the yoga, as we say.