Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cold out. Time for hot chocolate with a slug of whiskey. Jim the contractor nailed up some heavy blankets in the kitchen so the draft isn't quite so, um, drafty.

Sitting by the fire, surrounded by stacks of wood bits left over from the building people. I love me a good fire.

And chocolate.


Betsy said...

Today I made some hot chocolate with cardomon and red pepper. YUM. I should have added whiskey.
I'm glad there's a blanket up now. Gives that college feel to life. :-)

Elizabeth said...

Oh, a wood fire. I heard today on the radio that because of the extended drought here in southern California, we have way more air pollution than normal and wood fires are discouraged. Sigh.

Birdie said...

Hot chocolate needs Bailey's. But really, any alcohol will do.

Sabine said...

The thought of you sitting in a room with walls made from nailed-on blankets to keep the cold out in a part of the world that in my imagination is windy, cold and wet makes me shiver. Even with cocoa. I hope you will have proper walls before the snow. Maybe add a touch of whiskey to that cocoa now and again for that inner warmth - in moderation etc. of course.

Ms. Moon said...

When are these walls supposed to be finished? I can hardly stand the thought of this for you. You are living in an inefficient tent. How thoughtful of your contractor to hang those blankets.
Oh. Sigh.
I love you, Beth. Drink more chocolate, build more fires, slug more whiskey.

Radish King said...

I read whisky and I fell off my chair. I am a whisky-oh-holic and it's so fucking cold out.

beth coyote said...


Elizabeth-I consider my wood fire my main source of heat (unlike my neighbors) I'm the weird woman with the katz...

Birdie-so right you are.

Sabine-of course, moderation is essential, unless it's an emergency.

Mary-only heaven knows, as my mother would say.

RK-It's fancy Japanese grain whiskey from my daughter. She often gets it right.