Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Went to Los Angeles for a long weekend and was treated to the whirlwind that is daughter Eden. Eden is beautiful, smart, creative, and a fabulous cook. She had a party and I saw a bunch of gals I love-her friends and former girlfriends. Daniella and Van and Amy.

We visited a new momma and her babe in a blazing hot apartment. We ate food in fancy restaurants. We went to a concert of Brazilian music. We walked on the beach and watched the sun going down. We sat in the most terrible traffic, way worse than Seattle.

We went to Ojai up in the mountains and hiked on a dusty and dried out trail. Desert plants are sure resourceful. We stayed at the Krishnamurti Retreat Center in a beautiful garden with pepper trees, their fragrance blooming in the night air.

We walked around the Echo Park reservoir which had been the most disgusting stinky mud pit and is now gorgeous with clean water and ducks and paddle boats.

And we hit a few thrift stores because this is what we do. And more beautiful food in beautiful restaurants.

I came home with a pair of Ralph Lauren boots (thrift store-natch) which I wore today to work.

Back to the cold and drear. Back to walks with Felix to the store. Back to my sweet pregnant and parenting clients.

Today is Milo's birthday. When I called him, I said he was now eleven. He said, nope, not until 11:13 when he would really be eleven. How has he gotten so big so fast? He was just born.

Next month I visit Maya and Milo. Maya will be forty-one and I'm not a day over eighteen. Strange math.

Off to the co-op with Felix for provisions. I still have a bit of money in my wallet. A miracle.


Ms. Moon said...

You don't look much over eighteen either.

beth coyote said...

Exactly. And we're bad-asses.