Saturday, November 09, 2013

Last night was wondrous and strange with large areas of  the city all BLACKED OUT while Rebecca and I made our way to the restaurant for dinner. It was a lovely time. To be repeated except for the black out. And the hideous traffic.

Today as the sun came in the skylight, I thought, must hike. I called Holly, my hiking pal and roused her from bed. Convinced her to go east of the mountains, 80 miles away. Cle Elum, to be precise. We stopped at the Turtle Cafe for a patty melt and French fries. Our waitress had a black eye. And there was a very large turtle made of large rocks as a mantlepiece. A turtle with a hat. And a wood stove underneath the turtle's belly.

We were looking for unfortunately named Squaw Lake. Which we never found. We did walk around by some river where there was snow (!) on the ground. Felix was barking and sliding on the snow. Then he ate it.

We saw a hawk very close and it was screeching at us. Probably the fierce poodle. We decided to head back but we first stopped in Roslyn so we could eat pie at Roslyn Cafe. With whipped cream.

So I ate about 5000 calories with no hiking to speak of. Sheesh.

And we were in the car for five hours. Back at home, Felix and I went for one of our usual four mile walks around the hood. We could have dispensed with the whole day of driving.

Wenatchee National Forest is beautiful. Even in the rain, which started to fall as soon as we left Seattle. We are tough NW women. Hundreds of miles for a patty melt, pie and a hawk in the tree. And snow.


Ms. Moon said...

Sounds totally worth it to me. So tell me- does the interior of the Roslyn Cafe look anything the way it did in Northern Exposure? God, I miss that show. It was a parallel universe in which I felt so fortunate to dwell for an hour every week.

Jo said...


Mel said...

Sometimes a little trip is just the thing you need. Especially when there is pie with whipped cream and a hawk in a tree.

beth coyote said...

It did look familiar. And the wait staff had BEEN IN SOME EPISODES. Even a car that belonged to one of them.

So we were impressed. Plus the pie was famous.