Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dancing this morning with my people. Beautiful music, Clark a mad dervish magic man. We're in silence but united by our movements and the music (don't be seduced by the music, so hard not to be).

While having breakfast after dance, Lynn called to say someone was in labor, did I want to come. So sure, a beloved client. I raced home, let out the dog, took a shower and headed for her house, fortunately in my hood. Sweet family welcoming their second boy. Grandma was there to watch their older boy.

And a girl born just after midnight last night. These babies have a plan, to come in together so they'll have a buddy on the earth plane.

A full day. A full day of love.


Ms. Moon said...

Yes'm. That sounds like a pretty darn perfect day.

beth coyote said...