Friday, November 22, 2013

I am truly sick and have spent the day in bed as I promised I would but now I'm getting antsy to leave the house for food. I've been good and creative and have eaten from the garden and the backlog of cans and jars. I even opened a jar of sun dried tomatoes which went nicely with pasta and kalamata olives, garlic and chard. But now I'm down to bread and some elderly brussel sprouts. And I don't think I'll get better with those.

I've been taking my potions of elderberry syrup umcka echinacea etc regularly. Everyone I've spoken to says this cold lasts for weeks, a very depressing idea.

I haven't watched a lick of Harry Potter yet today.

I suppose I have to wear a coat and take off my bathrobe before I can leave the house. I know Felix wants a run in the park but he just has to wait til tomorrow. I'll give him a bone as consolation.

I've braided my hair, maybe not a look for someone my sort of age. But fuck it, who cares. I'm also thinking I might need those kleenix with the lotion in them so my nose doesn't fall off.

However. Colds are always an excuse to drink warm brandy with lemon and honey.


Ms. Moon said...

My hair is braided as we speak.

Sabine said...

After years of personal research I can offer sleep, plenty of whatever fluids, regular airing of stuffy rooms and mindless distraction as the most effective, albeit extremely slow remedies. Plus letting go of all meaningful thought and planning of future events.
Also, occasional glasses of hot whiskey (1 part whiskey, 2 parts boiling water, one tbsp sugar, one fat slice of lemon with cloves stuck in it) but this probably means a trip to the shops.
Whatever it takes: I hope you will get well soon.

beth coyote said...

And you're looking good, no doubt, Mz Mary.

Sabine-oh yeah, hot whiskey. If I'm slightly drunk, my other symptoms do fade!!