Saturday, November 30, 2013

Between yesterday and today I interviewed three midwives about their experiences of secondary trauma.  Each time I hear a new story, I learn more about my fellow midwives. They are strong, sweet and carry deep grief.

Tomorrow I plan to dance my feet off and buy new tires, yeah! My debt hole is quite expansive, wide and dark.

Although I got a $100 'rebate' on my new furnace.

By the way. The City guy came to inspect the furnace. He walked downstairs, stood and looked at the front of the furnace, noted two hoses leading to the outside and gave me a yellow page (from triplicate) to tape to the front. Then he got back in the City-owned car and drove away.He was here for all of five minutes. If that is what inspection is, I could do that. I could inspect any of your whatzits and be handsomely paid as well.

I was looking at bras on-line and my size is considered larger. As long as I live, I do not accept myself as a larger-breasted woman. it's not me.


Jo said...

Is secondary trauma trauma happening to the mothers they're working with? I'd love to midwife, but at the end of the day I don't think I'd ever have the fortitude - for if things go wrong,the responsibility, or even the massive emotional charge of being at births so often. It's astounding, but I don't know if I could process it.

My midwife kind of .. .opted out of my second birth. tried to send me to hospital, dismissed the idea I was in labour, didn't come in time... s she's left me with so much pain, 6 years on, created such a rift in my emotional life... I wonder how/if she feels about it now? At the time she blamed it all on me and menaced me with accusations of endangering my baby's life. Sigh. This job is so vitally important, and so influential. Such a lot to carry. I'm so grateful for all the people who do it well.

Ms. Moon said...

Dance. Dance. Dance. Fling the worries and cares off your fingertips as you whirl.

beth coyote said...

Jo-Secondary trauma is experienced by those who witness the primary suffering of those they are caring for. Midwives witness scary births sometimes. I'm sorry your second birth wasn't well supported by your midwife.

Mary-I did and it was joy