Sunday, October 14, 2012

Today at the Good Will I saw a car with a 'My Son is a Marine' bumper sticker and a HUGE handwritten sign in the back window supporting Referendum 74, the gay marriage bill.

I was flabbergasted.

Maybe his/her Marine son is gay.

And there you are. Just had to share.


Ms. Moon said...

Maybe he IS a gay Marine. You know, things have changed. And they ARE changing. I am grateful for that. Civil rights. We all deserve them.

beth coyote said...

Yes, we do. About damn time. Although the opposition is mounting their campaign here as they did in California and Maine.


Marylinn Kelly said...

Winner in the Best Photo of Chicken, Child and Cigarette category. My heart thoughts expand when I know someone can hold two once-opposing beliefs at the same time. I swear dinosaurs still walk among us, wee leetle brains and their agendas but, don't you sense it? the times really are changing. It may not be swift; it is here. xo

beth coyote said...

Marylinn-yes, and chickens are really dinosaurs, aren't they?

Ms. Moon said...

Chickens ARE dinosaurs.