Thursday, October 18, 2012

On Saturday, I leave for a week. I'm going to Nanaimo land of the Bethlehem Retreat Centre where I'll be with my teachers and the wee lake and the forest. We'll get up early and be fed delicious food and we'll be in silence and we'll go to bed early. No talking, no eye contact. For eight days. No email. No internet.

Watching Uncle Vanya on 42nd Street, directed by Louis Malle. People talking in a room. Much suffering. All the men in the play in love with Julianne Moore (why?)

The dog is chewing on a dried bull penis. It is his favorite thing in the world. Besides swimming and running and barking and eating and messing around with other dogs.

It's getting cold. We've hardly had enough rain. Many fall hikes to contemplate. Today Mt Rainier shone like a heavenly snow country, a place where the devas live.


Ellena said...

Sounds fascinating.
I would havve no problem with any of those 8-day rules but would be concerned as how I would live through the NO eye contact rule.
May you come back refreshed and renewed.

Ms. Moon said...

Dried bull penis? Sorry, all else failed when I read that.
We'll miss you by the way.

Radish King said...

Outstanding. The photo and the dried bull penis.

Loni said...

I want you to know I follow your blog faithfully. You are a beautiful person and I hope you are contagious. Matthew and I look forward to seeing you again. We shall laugh until we ache, just like the old days :)


Marylinn Kelly said...

Thinking of you in silence and peace. A reminder to find, create more of both here in this spot. xo