Saturday, October 13, 2012

I'm unashamedly watching Downton Abbey. I LOVE the Brits. They are so ridiculous. And they are my people. Heaven help us. Upper class twits in the 20's with all the intrigue below stairs. And this season, o my lord, Shirley McLaine is the American grandma. And she looks, well, whoa.

"There's something Johnny Foreigner about the Catholics".

I plan to drink brandy from a crystal decanter. And I do need a new footman. Oh, and I'd like to be called my lady from now on.

Ooooh, I think the new footman is gay. He's certainly got a lovely six pack. "He looks like a footman in a musical review." Indeed.

I'm the one in the hat and white suit.

Yesterday, while down in Pioneer Square to see my therapist, I got out a few bills for TJ, the homeless man who sits under the wrought iron and glass awning. Yesterday there were two happy birthday balloons and a big pink opened cake box with a message on top--Happy Birthday to Tj and Ben. Ben, a non-homeless man was standing beside TJ and handing out pieces of cake on paper plates. At eight in the morning.

I promptly dropped my piece of cake on my therapist's carpet but that's another story.

I cleaned out my studio today. It took me three hours. I always think I'll throw out a bunch of stuff but I end up on the floor going through old photos and notes and cards from my kids. Stacks of old photos. People who are now dead. A whole box of James' writings and his photos. Old lovers. I managed to wrassel a box of stuff for Good Will. And I felt virtuous besides. I moved art supplies around and dusted. I threw open the windows too. I didn't start a painting. That's tomorrow.


Ms. Moon said...

I have got to start watching that show. Everyone adores it.
Now go paint.

beth coyote said...

Please watch Downton Abbey. You won't be sorry. The Brits knew how to be richy-rich and polite about it, not like here. They took care of the servants. And all that silverware and glasses for one meal. Stupendous.

Radish King said...

Dear. My Lady you. Ow look exactly like Holly Golightly and you are skin and bones but lovely bones I know because I crushed you three. Times I. My powerful violinist's arm yesterday.


beth coyote said...

Dear Radish-and now you have a baton!

Mel said...

I discovered Downton Abbey this Fall and watched two seasons in a few days, I could barely stop. I adore everything about the show, the costumes, oh my I wouldn't have minded wearing those clothes, and I'm thinking I'm the same character as you. I can't wait for the next season to start.

Sorry you dropped your cake. I would have never made it as the upper crust, I'd be forever spilling things too.

Isn't it wonderful how good it feels to give a box of stuff to Goodwill? I hope the urge to paint catches you soon.

Sabine said...

Well they could have done with a decent midwife in episode 4. The toffs in their dinner suits. Tsk. Tsk.