Thursday, October 04, 2012

I raced home last night to watch the debate. I wanted to see them together in a room (gawd, Jim Lehrer is getting old) performing.

I was reminded of Reagan, pink-cheeked and wrong-headed in the most confident way. Although I think Romney knows he's lying and I was never sure about the Gipper. Romney doesn't care about me or my Somali neighbors with all the hungry kids or the guy across the street in the wheelchair in Section 8 housing. Romney's world and heart is so far removed from real people's lives that he doesn't understand us at all. All his children have healthcare. And orthodontia. And all the best schools. And nice vacations. The wealthy look better because they have less stress and they can get exfoliated for $200 a pop. And they can buy expensive vitamins and massages and organic food. And they can care or not care. Some wealthy people care about their fellows. But the tendency for greed is, well, vast. The wealthy are wealthy because they hang on tight. Their 'charities' are tax shelters. Very cynical.

And they carry on in plain sight. Well, I think the truly wealthy we never see. They live on exclusive islands and behind locked gates on enormous tracts of land. The only ones who see them are the servants.

Then there's our guy, the skinny black guy who's gotten quite gray over the last four years. His job is stressful. Living under the burden of so much hatred from the Right (sic) hasn't been good for his health. He's done the best he could under the circumstances. Last night he looked fragile compared to the bluff heartiness of Mitt.

I dimly followed what they said and I'll wait for the NYT to break it down for me. I can tell you one thing. Barack would blend in just fine on my street in Columbia City, the most diverse neighborhood in the country. Mitt wouldn't come here, except gladhand for votes. He wouldn't be comfortable here. We're too poor, too many and too foreign.

And I don't want him in the oval office. And I sure as hell hope there are enough of us who feel the same way and fucking vote.

Now back to your regular programming.


Ellena said...

I wish I could vote for your man,Beth.

Radish King said...

Thank you. Odd you should mention Reagan I watched with Page and Page said the same thing only he said he makes me think of Regan, the Teflon President.

Ms. Moon said...

One of the things Romney said that blew my mind was that in his experience, private insurance would always be better than government health care.
I was like, "Yeah. If you can afford the fucking best, you ass." He's so clueless. He literally Does Not Have A Clue. I don't think you need the NYT. You broke it down just right.

beth coyote said...

Thanks, Ellena, I wish you could too.

RK-I don't think he's dead. I mean, teflon doesn't die, right?

Mary dear-a horse's ass he is.

Young at Heart said...

oh and aaah......fingers crossed with that....what the world needs now.......!!