Saturday, March 10, 2012

My new life

Wake up at dark-thirty because the dog has to pee/poop.

Go down to the dog park and throw the ball 47 thousand times. Watch the white dog turn, uh, grimy and muddy and brown. Watch the white dog hump other dogs and run after random balls and run in the pack that circles the park.

Listen to the white dog bark with a ball in his mouth.

Coem back up the hill with stairs included. Carry the filthy dog across the kitchen floor and put him right in the tub. Wash off his legs, feet, belly, tail, etc.

Dry him with the endless supply of ratty towels you've had in the basement for just this purpose.

Yell at him when you find him on the couch!!!!!! Bad dog!!!!!

Think about your former life when you could sleep in and there weren't footprints all over the house.

Then dance in your living room with the cats looking on.

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Ms. Moon said...

Babies will change your life. Yes, they will.