Monday, March 19, 2012

Is my car cursed?

This morning: BANG BANG BANG (dog barking) I stagger down to the front door and a kindly neighbor in a chapeau lets me know my car has been broken into, window smashed. Serves me right for leaving my ancient ipod in there. Glass all over the inside, and in the driveway.

I've had my car back from the body shop for exactly 2 weeks. All sides of my car have been smacked, in different accidents (well, the last one wasn't my fault-I backed into some lame concrete posts in the dark on my way to a birth). Actually, none of the accidents were my fault. I hesitate to mention this, but a drunken guy stepped out in front of my car and I, uh, knocked him down. I wasn't going very fast, he was reeling around, accompanied by his more sober friend who insisted that I NOT take him to the ER (maybe he had more on board than alcohol). I checked him all over in my maternal nursey way and he kept insisting he was fine. I felt HORRIBLE. I also recently got a warning from a cop when I tried to go around a car at a crosswalk in a school zone. No, I didn't crash into any school children, thank the lawd in heaven.

Is it time for my children to take away my car keys? Is it the bright blue of my car? Is it some hoodoo that needs exorcism? Smudging? Chanting and singing? What, tell me, what should I do?

Meanwhile, Deb and Felix and I are going to have a puppy class on Thursday. With someone who's WEB site is called 'Sensitive Dog"

And here I will officially admit it. I'm reading Tina Fey's 'Bossypants' on a Kindle Fire. Deb got one from work for selling a butt load of vitamins or something. I feel like a hypocrite or worse. ((((however, in my evil leetle heart, it's way cool and I can read in bed in the dark without disturbing my honey with the sound of pages turning.))))

Even so.

I want my poetry book to be on paper, made from trees. And a cover with groovy art. And binding glue and all.


Marylinn Kelly said...

Maybe it's magnetic. Could you have the car de-magnetized, ceremonially? And I'm actually not joking...what could it hurt? My brother writes to me of tracking solar flares and boy, have they been busy.

Reading in bed in the dark is the first reason I've seen to own such a device - and I am nearly ashamed to have said it - for a book-book is irreplaceable and They will not make them obsolete. Word on printed page. xo

Radish King said...

I want your book to be paper too. I turned down an offer to have Radish King e-booked. This way she is forced to print more HAHA!

And I am so fucking sorry to hear about your car. It is such a feeling of terrible invasion when stuff like that happens. Poor little friendly car. Ugh. I can't tell you how upsetting this is. Spring is wicked I think the wickedest season of all.

Yes on reading in the dark. I have been ordering all books I've already read and love and that are falling apart and all the free stuff on (you have to go there and find Kindle then a link leads you back to Amazon to download them they make it tricky but all free V. Woolf and Dickens and the Russians it is a wealth of books for zero!)


ps. go to Mary's house!

beth coyote said...

Ok, get out the magnets! Or remove the magnets.

And R-thanks for the Gutenberg tip! I'm there. (PS, I just watched the incomparable Jack Nicholson and Louise Fletcher in 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".

Terrifying and wonderful.


Marylinn Kelly said...

Beth - Please excuse my seemingly flippant comment, sometimes my mind rushes on with what it thinks appropriate. Rebecca has it just right, the sense of invasion, such an awful feeling, the material loss and the aggravation of repairs. xo

beth coyote said...

R- I started Anna Karenina last night, whoppee!!

Radish King said...