Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My neighbors are building a fence between our yards and I've gotten over my resentment that they started this project NOW when I'm feeling broke and pulled into the decisions and earth moving and the like. It will be beautiful and I don't have to pay for it right now but I must pay something since it is my fence too. Neighbor to neighbor communications. They're nice people and we've lived side by side for 13 years.

The dog needs to be led out on a lease because, well, there's no fence. He doesn't seem to mind. Today we played at the dog park until he actually lay down, covered in mud.

Dog fun:
1. Bitey-bitey, growly-growly game
2. Run the perimeter at top speed
3. Hump any dog the same height, regardless of gender
4. Run after balls but don't bring them back
5. Sniff butts (an all-time favorite)
6. Run through the mud with wild abandon

When you get home, carry him directly to the tub to hose him down. Remember to get a black dog next time, dummy.

I have the day off, mostly. A new baby to visit this afternoon but that's all.

I read an article in the NYT about race horses that was so awful, I couldn't finish it. Euthanizing horses when they break their legs after they've been shot full of cortisone so they can run with injuries. WTF.

Jockeys get hurt too but they have free will. But horses? Gorgeous creatures that they are. It's shameful.


Ms. Moon said...

You are such a good dog mommy.
Well, you can be the one to tell us if good fences make even better neighbors.
I can't even begin to talk about the cruelty of humanity to animals like that.

beth coyote said...

Thanks, Ms. Moon.

With these neighbors, I can see directly into their kitchen. I've never seen any shenanigans. Too bad.

Bruce wears pajamas with dinosaurs on them. OUTSIDE. (He's a paleontologist so he gets to.)

XXX Beth

Radish King said...

I have always hated horse racing for that very reason and others. I believe it's inhumane.