Sunday, November 07, 2010

I might be a hopeless shill. I read 'accessible ' poetry last night as a way to 'win them over' and 'please them' so I could slip in a few renegades, my darlings. Gag. Sometimes I don't know how to behave so I fake it. The wine and cheese table. The soft lighting. My writing partners. I'm an impostor in a gorilla suit.

Today is long walk in the sun day. Windy, leaves still falling. I made breakfast for James, my gay husband. We talked about the end of the world. Today, I'm not afraid to die. I think this is a good development considering that we will all die.

By the way, the best part of last night was that I put on my brand new shirt, accidentally splattered perfume all over it, had to go to #2 wardrobe selection but wore my new boots. I imagined myself fashion poetry queen. In my boots. With a swagger.

D-your response was perfect.

-little tomato

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Deb said...

powerful accessible words. they have a purpose of their own, my love. the renegades will find their ways into the minds, meander as they will.