Monday, November 01, 2010

I made nutloaf and mango salad with avocados and grapefruit and baked gingersnaps today. I couldn't taste any of it. I'm sure it was good. I remember liking all of it. I ate many cookies to try to find the flavor. I have a friend who has no taste buds. A tragedy.

My head is full of fuzz, the kind of fuzz when your ears are ringing and your nose is disconnected and you've been lying on the couch with a large ring of used kleenix around you. My left ear is aching which makes me worried since my right ear is already damaged. I hear in mono anyway. Which means that I don't have directional hearing anymore. I hear a sound and don't know where it's coming from. ***coyote howl*** Is it in the living room or in the garage? Is that my smoke detector or someone across the street? Then there are the ghosts. And they could be anywhere.

Plugged up, fuzzy, under water, phased out. It's darker now so I think it's night. You can't tell during the rainy season.


Deb said...

If you're ever able to taste again, or maybe even if you're not, we'll make these tempura bananas I just had. Also bliss.

Radish King said...

When I had pneumonia I lost my sense of smell and therefore taste for 6 months after but it returned. Tragic. Take care. When I walked out to my car this morning it wasn't raining.