Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Periodically I figure out how much I could get for my car (not much) and I look longingly at new/or newer cars with FOUR seats and FOUR doors. A car with a trunk. Sigh. Whenever my family comes to town, I can't drive them anywhere. I might as well have a horse.

I have an Insight, the groovy little car Honda made that is a 'concept' car, whatever that means. They don't make them anymore. And you want to know why? Because they are enormously uncomfortable, you practically sit on the ground they are so low (and invisible to massive cars), and they have an interesting blind spot so you can scare the crap out of yourself trying to change lanes. Oh, and there is a lot of road noise so after you get to 60 mph, you can't hear your music, no matter how loud you crank it up. And NO TRUNK.

I like trunks. I can put my medical equipment in a trunk. Why anyone would steal pitocin and a stethoscope is beyond me. Some of my midwife friends have lost all their stuff stolen from their cars. Dumb, OK. but the old Insight has no truck, just a lot of batteries in the back. It's like, help yourself to my swim bag and medical equipment. Here, let me help you.

I've applied to go to Haiti. ( how's that for a change of subject?) They wanted to know my availability in 2011. I said-any time is good. I can say, 'where is the library?' in French. Probably not much help.


Apple said...

You could always ask where the library is, go there, and check out more French language learning books!

beth coyote said...

Hon-I will do that! I just have to pick up a few tons of rubble to find the books!