Sunday, February 14, 2010

I forgot but after I dropped J off at the rail station, I drove through Chinatown and there were dancing dragons everywhere, in front of businesses and restaurants. Fathers carried little ones on their shoulders. Seattle Chinatown has beautiful dragons crawling up their light posts. Red and yellow with big claws. Big yellow teeth.

The group I'm going to be working with in Haiti is reeligeous..... They have prayer meetings in the morning. I promise I will sit quietly and not say inappropriate things. Maybe I'll hum a little tune under my breath.

We have to bring our own food to Haiti. Two weeks of granola, miso cup and power bars. Yum.

First, though, I'm having a big ass birthday party next week. Then I go into silence for a month in California. When I get home, I'll get ready for Haiti. Oh, and in between, I'll undoubtedly deliver a few babies. And all with the help of the baby Jesus.

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Valerie Loveland said...

My birthday is in December and I am already making plans and dropping hints!