Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I did go back Sunday night to see Sheila E with a bunch of ladies. and Milo. My sister Annie got up and shook her booty. Milo thought it was too loud. Latin jazz made the adults so happy.

I go away for a month soon. No internet or phone or music or reading. Sitting and walking meditation in beautiful northern California with my teachers. And the frogs. And the turkeys. And the deer.

Oh, Haiti. I'm going for 2 weeks in May. It's worse than you think. It's worse than they say. I listened to a podcast this morning from a pair of docs and a nurse who just came back. I don't think I will have internet there (ha!) but there's always paper and pen. I can post when I get back.


Laura Gamache said...

absolutely take the notebook and pens. BOTH places (will they let you, the frogs I mean?)

beth coyote said...

well, on retreat, we're not supposed to read/write/listen to music etc. Very cleansing, actually.

Hilary said...

Happy Birthday, Beth. All good wishes for many more happy returns of the day from an old friend from New York who has found you on the Internet.

beth coyote said...

Is this Hillary Redleaf by any chance????????? OMG, I bet it is. You once said to me I was a gem but I needed polishing-so I started to meditate. Ha! I'm still at it. A million thanks.

And your boys are all grown and so are my girls.