Saturday, February 06, 2010

Move Your Money

So watched the video and I went to my local neighborhood bank because I'm leaving B of A, one of the bailout giants with massive 'bonuses' for their robber barons. Ug.

Washington Federal Savings and Loan. There's one around the corner from me. You can have some popcorn because there is a popcorn maker by the front door. And a Shriner candy machine. There are a few ladies doddering behind the counter. And a rumpled guy in jeans with a messy desk who was actually a bit vague when I told him I wanted to move my business account to their nice bank. He pointed toward one of the ladies who gave me some papers to sign. She even fished around behind the counter for a manila envelope to put all of my stuff in. The rumpled guy who was, I believe, the branch manager, gave me several photocopied pages of their stockholder's report. I, uh, didn't see the relevance but I thanked him anyway.

I didn't see anyone named Billy with strings tied to his fingers but one of the ladies looked suspicious. Oh, and there wasn't a crow on her shoulder. I was a bit disappointed by that. They do have some of my money now. I hope they take good care of it. As for B of A, you can kiss my grits.

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