Wednesday, April 16, 2008

yesterday morning, my ginormous boy cat, Wishbone stood by my bed wrowing over and over. I tried ignoring him until he stopped and started thumping around. I got up and he was merrily flipping a dead robin around the room, feathers everywhere. I apologized to the robin and dropped him/her into the garbage. THIS MORNING, the dog was whining, not a good sign. I found that she had pooped on the rug in my office AGAIN. Why, Why? Back to bed and Wishbone was back, with a juvenile rat, under the bed. The rat was alive. It ran under the door to my studio but was too stupid to stay there. After throwing shoes at the cat and yelling at him, he slunk back up the stairs and waited so when the rat reappeared, he grabbed it and ran down the stairs. This time the rat was squeaking. GAWD.

I know PETA wouldn't approve but I am going to take them all outside and strangle them. I will leave their little dead bodies in a row in the yard as a message to the survivors. DO NOT poop in the house, DO NOT bring dying, dead or squeaking creatures into the house and play with them at 4:30 in the morning in my bedroom. Is that clear? Any questions?

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