Saturday, April 05, 2008

Last night I sang with 600 people, many of them children. It was a blast. We are singing for the Dalai Lama in a week. At Quest field. In front of 40,000 people. Last night, our intrepid leader tried to get us to learn a new song. I don't think this is a good idea. I have learned the songs we are singing for now and another song will throw me off, will throw me down. I can't learn new songs like that. My right ear rings all the time, I have memory issues, the song was too high a register and too show-tuney even though I think HHDL won't care a whit. He will just probably smile at us because the children are so funny with their missing teeth and squirming and nose picking. I watched one girl, about 10 years old, actually take off her shirt underneath her dress, like you take off a bra while driving, dislocating your shoulders and then pulling the bra out from a sleeve, ta-da, with a flourish. And she was standing on stage, in front of all the adults. Insouciant, I say. She has a future in showbiz, don't you think.

Today I delivered a baby and drank celebratory Scotch at 4 this afternoon. 15 year old Glenfiddich. Some day I am going to the Oban distillery to see their barrels or whatever it is they distill Scotch in. I love Scotch and I rarely drink it because we could go right down the tubes together, Scotch and I. Occasionally I act mature.

I couldn't get out of jury duty. I am going to take my knitting and some good snacks and a notebook and write public safety building poems. Sonnets.

If I stopped eating everything that has corn syrup in it, would that be unpatriotic? Just wondering.


Pippi L. said...

Public Safety Sonnets! I love your description of the 10 year old taking off her shirt under her dress. Rachel Kestler collected public health poems to post over the sink while hand washing. (I also love that you're singing for HHDL!)

GoGo said...

you do know, you must now learn the song because you used the words "I can't,"...

Someone once told me that, "You do know you must do it now because you said 'you can't'." Sounded stupid at the time, but I totally get it now.

So, am passing it along. I believe his HHDL would agree.


beth coyote said...

Pippi l. just wait, I'll be famous.

gogo-rats, I am behaving like a...10 year old, no, I WON'T learn a new song. In 2 days!!!