Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm gonna sleep on the couch so I will hear Ramey if she needs me. She came home today with many drugs, many.

When I was healing from a car accident, crush injury (yuck) I took to taking a vicodan and leaving the tv on. I was sleeping on the couch anyway. I'd take my lovely vicodan so I would go to sleep or at least pass out because my arm hurt all the time, all the time. One night I woke up and there was a preacher behind a podium wearing a gawdawful lime green poly suit. He even had big hair and he was do'in some HEALING, DEAR JEAZUS. He said to put your injury right up against the tv screen so I did, I crawled up to the screen and laid my arm on it. He was yelling HEAL-HEAL IN HZ NAME!!! I would try anything and I was hallucinating from all the narcotics so it made total sense at three in the morning. Of course it worked, after about a year of rehab.

Ramey has these bolts coming out from her leg attached to some rods and screws. Frankenleg. When this comes off, she gets another surgery to put a rod IN her leg. Ouch.


Pippi L. said...

so glad she's home! xo

beth coyote said...