Monday, April 14, 2008

saturday, HHDL at Qwest field, parade of cultures, a lot of children, hot sun. We sat behind him but when we sang he turned around and faced us. He still wears big glasses and he laughs a lot at himself. He held Christine Gregoire's hand and talked about women leaders. How we need them. How the men have messed it all up. The day was surreal, too hot, Buddhist monks in Qwest field and the CEO of Qwest field talking about compassion. The place was packed. I cried a lot. For everyone.

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Pippi L. said...

this is just what I wanted to hear! This morning's PI quotes Desmond Tutu (on HHDL), "All of us have this gift. We see here an incarnation of goodness. How can you be 50 years into exile and still maintain this bubbly joyousness? He is quite mischievous, too. And I say to him: 'Try to behave like a holy man.'"