Thursday, April 10, 2008

I am totally exhausted, three babies in three days and three days of clinic. Sheesh. All baby girls, yeah! And tonight is writer group night. Also the LAST night to rehearse for HHDL. The big day is this Saturday. I have rehearsed enough and I don't want to miss the writers. BUT I have been sitting here trolling for a poem to bring. I have many uncritiqued poems, like about 30 but they are in various stages of disrepair. I've been trying to spruce them up, sigh, and I have a few sorta respectable ones. I'm making cookies so maybe no one will notice that my poem is a retread.

I went swimming after no exercise in a week. Gawd, it was like swimming in jello or something. I wondered about drowning, quietly sinking to the bottom because of my fatigue and then the whole drama of being saved. Totally not worth it. They would probably put me on probation at the pool, like one of those notices behind the cash register about bad check signers.

I wonder if I can take my laptop to jury duty purgatory. Does anyone know?

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GoGo said...

yeah for babies. sigh for long hard days.

when i first swim after a long time, i get paniced breathing...everytime. like i am going to drown. each time i have to pace myself through the experience. see, i'm never convinced i'd be saved.