Monday, February 18, 2008

My next poem on qarrtsiluni is now up: and you can read it, listen to it and MAKE COMMENTS. I welcome comments, honest. You know who you are, you who read my blog and never talk to me. Not that I am keeping track.

I went with my daughter to a record store, a place I don't go to anymore and I spent a lot of money. A lot. We also went to Goodwill and we entertained ourselves trying on clothes over our clothes, a la K-Mart style. Apparently, we have great thrift stores here, much better than LA. Well, I sure hope so. It is perverse, what is called 'fashion' for the ladies. High heel pointy toed shoes and sweaters with fake fur collars. In pink, yikes.

I did get Dusty in Nashville, brilliant. But the other music I bought was, well, an impulse buy. Can I just say that when you go in a music store and you go to the little place where they have headphones and many selections, don't do it, just walk away. Because the music sounds GREAT and interesting and edgy and you end up with a pile and the clerk at checkout is looking at you because you are yet another sucker who fell for the headphone thing again like they always do.

Then we came home and I made an enormous pot of minestrone soup and we watched an '80s Agatha Christie set in LA with Sue Grafton as the screen writer and horrid wooden acting and '80s hair flips with lots of product and the women in those rayon dresses you can see their underwear through and chest hair on the men. Blue mascara on everyone.

We also went for a bike ride yesterday on a trail that is used by everyone, bikes, skates, strollers and so forth. We got yelled at by a line of agro bikers who were obviously pretenders to the Tour de France throne. ONE LANE, ONE LANE...LEARN THE RULES BEFORE YOU RIDE!!!!!!!!!!! They were ridiculous and we were hysterical. Then there were those guys without helmets riding single speed bikes with no brakes...What is that? You stop by running into a tree?

Sometimes I don't understand my species.

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