Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ok so in the last eleven days, our practice had, count 'em seven babies Whew. I'm exhausted. This morning in the wee hours we welcomed a hefty 11 pound boy on the bedroom floor. Momma was pretty quiet and efficient. Poppa was grateful we were there because he caught the last baby a few years ago by accident. That labor was too swift for any of us to get there.

I'm so tired.

On the home front, the electrician was here all day yesterday getting ready for the walls to be closed in ie: insulation and drywall. Hot damn.

In the meantime, Eden is arriving in a few days and I've cleared out one of the basement rooms so she'll have a place to sleep. Can't wait to spend some time with her.

I've done the wash, swept, washed the dog bed where one of the katz had pooped (sigh), fed myself and meditated.

Now to take said dog out for his constitutional. And pray no one else goes into labor so we can all recover and sleep all night.

When I told Sara she handled the last birth 'adroitly' she asked for the meaning of the word.

adroit :  having or showing skill, cleverness, or resourcefulness in handling situations adroit
 leader> <adroit maneuvers>

Then she hugged me. 


Jo said...

Oh bless, maybe she was worried it meant something terrible for a minute? I can see how it wouldn't sound so friendly. Cute :)

Good, good work, ladies.

11 pounds always makes me wince!

Ms. Moon said...

I swear, the moon is in bring-the-baby. Jessie's midwife, who practices at homebirths, posted on FB that she'd had three come since yesterday at five p.m.
And Jessie herself, who works at the hospital, said they were slammed there on the unit.
Please the goddess, may you get sleep tonight.
SEVEN! Crazy.
You ARE the goddess.
P.S. So is the woman who birthed the eleven-pound child. Bless.

A said...

Quiet and efficient, birthing an 11 pound baby? I'm very impressed.

beth coyote said...

Jo-I don't think she was waiting for criticism, just that my vocabulary confounds her sometimes.

She loves that I use the word shenanegans...

Mary-I think we'll get e breather...or maybe not! We're in the groove with each other, stay up all night and I take my crew out to breakfast/lunch/dinner on my nickel because they deserve to be treated with kindness.

A-She was so impressive, wehardly knew seh was pushing. She did say motherfucker once but I think that's allowed!!

Jo said...

Shenanigans! A great word. You're going to love being in Scotland :) Vocabulary heaven :)

Definitely the moon. That's the cycle to watch. If hospitals stopped using scans and insisting they are masters of 'due dates', there'd be a lot fewer inductions.