Monday, April 20, 2015

Two births yesterday, at another today. My student and I are sitting in the kitchen looking over Puget Sound, expansive view with the Olympic Mountains on the horizon. The momma is in her bedroom being quiet and still, wanting privacy. The tub lady is setting up the birth tub. This mom caught her last baby in the water, wants to do that again.

The two year old is being entertained by her big sister.

Yesterday's big baby boy. Today's baby is a boy too. Tonight I hope to sleep all night. That would be so great.  

I have kitchen envy here. Besides the million dollar view, the kitchen is tidy with cupboards galore and a sink and a dishwasher and lighting. I could go on. My kitchen is more Nepali, a pot on a fire ring on the floor. With goats and entrails. 


Jo said...

That is an enormous newborn. Woo.

The only thing I used to feel really jealous of was other people's nice houses.

Ms. Moon said...

That boy! He is a chunk! And Mama looks so happy, so serene.
May today's babe be born easily and quickly, eager to come out into his non-goat-and-entrails home so that you can get home and make some porridge on your fire ring and get into your bed.
You are amazing, dear Beth. Your hands are the hands of the goddess.

Elizabeth said...

So many beautiful people. That baby looks like one of my boys --

Elsewhere said...

I prefer goats to cupboards any day.

Lisa said...

I envy your job. To me, if I could change one thing, I would have become a mid-wife. I live in a 400 sq ft apartment with a dorm style kitchen and I love it. It's just enough for me and I am peaceful here.

Betsy MacWhinney said...

Goat entrails! Yes! :-)