Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Today two babies about an hour apart and in two adjoining rooms at the birth center. We listened as the momma in the other room hollered and yelled-------and in that timeless space, we heard the baby crying. Our momma kept on, determined and sweating, and she did it with her sister and her husband around her. And her mother rushing into the room about 1/2 an hour after the birth.

Such a lovely pink boy she had. Lots of tears. And joy.

Lynn woke me at 6 AM and I was so confused, I couldn't understand what she was saying. An 8 AM appointment in the clinic and two moms in labor so I better get up and come on down. I asked "What time is it?" and "What day is it" trying desperately to remember what I had planned for the day (Is it Tuesday? Wednesday? ) in my very dark bedroom. I got up, put on my scrubs as I figured I might need to be suited up, as it were and headed out to the packed freeway. My one transgression was to take the HOV lane so I'd get there a bit faster.

After both babies were in their mother's arms, I passed Lynn in the hallway and she said, "Isn't this fun?" There are times when I love her so much; for her steadfast attention to our clients, her obvious love for the work and her cheerfulness. She is leaving for 5 weeks for a European adventure and I will surely miss her unflagging energy.

As a partner in this crazy business, I've finally found a gem.

Back at home with the creatures perched all around me.

A home visit tomorrow to see a 5 day old baby and then I must tend to my rambunctious dog. And study the suttas I signed up to study. This one is a long story which I'll save for later.

May all the babies let their parents sleep tonight on this full Leo moon.


Elizabeth said...

Beautiful. I love that you bring babies into the world. They're so fortunate that you help them.

Sabine said...

Made my day. All the creatures and how we must love them always.

Sabine said...
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Jo said...

Babies babies!

beth coyote said...

thanks, guys!