Thursday, February 12, 2015


I stayed home today because I'm sick and tired after the last birth.

The contractors are here AND the siding guys AND the lady plumber. When I heard a woman's voice over the cacophony, I staggered out of bed to see who it was. And stood there swaying on the subfloors while they talked plumbing/joists/copper versus ?/didn't I have a sink picked out yet/etc.

My throat hurts. I'm tired but sleep is impossible. I'm getting a crown put on tomorrow at the dentist and I'm supposed to go see the Urban Bush Women with Holly.

The noise is amazing. This is the last time I ever remodel anything.  Ever.

The siding guy said in the voice of DOOM, "Well you have asbestos under the plastic and the right way to get rid of it is to do an abatement with tenting the house and everyone in hazmat suits and so forth". And it's costly. I mentioned this to Jim and he said, 'what they do is mash it all up at the dump anyway after you're so careful to do all that at the house and it's stupid".  I think what he really said is 'fucking stupid'.

Yesterday while feeling incipient illness, I went to the lady hot tub place and soaked and got a massage. It was heavenly even though I got sick anyway. There's no bathtub here so I felt like I deserved it.

This is pretty whiny. Lynn just called to say she missed a birth. Happens. Life rolls on. It's springtime warm here and my kaffir lily is going to bloom. She hasn't bloomed in many years so I think it's a sign. She's happy in her new home.

However, the word 'kaffir' is a derisive term for Black person,  a South African racial slur.  I've had this plant longer than any other as it was a wedding present in 1975. So that's 40 years.



Ms. Moon said...

I will not ALLOW you to ever remodel anything again. Do you hear me?
Now go to bed.

A said...

Thanks for turning me on to those dancers!

Been through the asbestos stuff --
here, it was discovered wrapped around the (leaking) heat ducting
after the furnace exploded, so there was no way to just seal it up. You have my sympathies. Bet your house will be really beautiful a year from now, though.