Tuesday, July 01, 2014

The Supreme Court sucks.

I'm at a birth with my midwifery partner and both students. And we're being photographed and filmed. All I hope for is that I look beautiful in a grey haired wise kinda way. Not jowly and droopy and old.

Jim and Rob brought over the PLANS yesterday and they are incredible, no really. Windows and a different place for the bathroom and a loft where I can climb up the ladder and see more of the lake and the sky and the mountains and the trees.

Jim will cook up the costs (keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to afford wood and nails and labor and doors and floors) and then the foundation guy will come and pour a foundation and take the pile of junk that's out there to the dump, one dump run of many.


Ms. Moon said...

The Supreme Court does suck.
I am sure you do look beautiful and wise.
May all your house-dreams come true.

Elizabeth said...

Yeah, screw SCOTUS.

And what is it with the jowl thing? Why? I bet you look beautiful.

michelle said...

anyone who attends births is beautiful by proxy

beth coyote said...

to all of you.