Saturday, July 05, 2014

It's raining, o delight. The grass is brown and crackly. Still need to walk the Felix. I just now bought new running shoes and insoles. Been having plantar fascia problems and a corn developing on my right toe from too tight shoes? These will fix it.

Shall I expose my brand new shoes to the rain or wear my green rain boots? Green rain boot it is.

Had a barbecue with the neighbors yesterday. I forget that others don't eat like I do. Not to be a snob but Fritos and store dip and scary burgers, um, yikes. They liked my quinoa/chickpea/raw veggie salad-with vegan mayo no less. And fresh dill and lemon juice.

Then there were fireworks and firecrackers when the animals all hid. Felix lay right beside the bed and I turned on the fan to block out the noise. I wonder what New Year's is like around here.

I put the hideous water fountain on Craig's list for free and got 25 calls. My phone rang continuously until I turned off the ringer. Someone even came to my house and left a message on the door. Who knew there was such a demand for an ugly water fountain? My neighbor Carol wanted it so she and Richard came over with a wheelbarrow and hauled it away.

Meanwhile, I'm moving bricks, circular and rectangular pavers and random bamboo from the back yard. Damn that shit's heavy. I put it outside the gate and poof! it's gone the next day. My hood loves to put down concrete whenever they can. Unfortunately, the pavers in the back yard that forms a patio have been cemented in to an underlayment which will need a jackhammer to remove. Fantastic. Maybe when they're pouring the foundation, they can take it out..

I mean, what's wrong with grass and dirt??

Saturday in Bethland. No babies calling, not at the moment. Maybe I'll bake some bread. And maybe I'll wear my new shoes after all.


Ms. Moon said...

You remind me I need new walking shoes. Mine have holes and I'm wearing them to garden in now which is a bad sign in that I usually wait to do that until I have new replacements.
What IS wrong with grass and dirt? Sounds like S. Florida where they just pave the yard or fill it with gravel.
Fritos and store dip and scary burgers? Oh Jeez.
I am glad you are getting rain. I wish it would rain here tonight but it looks to be blue all over the sky.
I love you, Beth.

Elizabeth said...

Rain sounds divine.

Dessicating in southern California

beth coyote said...

I love you too, Mary

And Elizabeth-totally shriveled to dust down there. Cal is having a mofo of a drought. Both of my kids are there, lawd, I don't know why.

Radish King said...

Dear Coyote it rained here this morning just a little while ago.

Ha. I made a chickpea farro red onion and spinach salad with a lime olive oil dressing. I discovered that cooked farro is easy to freeze if you put in buggies and freeze it flat.

Your description of scary meats and dips reminds me of pot pucks at my ex job. Ugh. Though an occasional dose of any food that turns your fingers orange can be life saving in rare circumstances.

It's getting hot again. I'm walking to the lake. Love you.