Friday, July 11, 2014

Last night I met Bonnie, the intrepid leader of the POC sangha. She's recently back from Spirit Rock where she is in teacher training there. What a delightful funny person. Apparently folks have been telling her I'm the 'good food' person. No pressure of course but every Thursday now I'm thinking about what to cook or bake. I've gotten out the old Moosewood cookbook complete with splatters and a valentine from Eden.

I ended up staying late last night after most everyone else had gone, talking and laughing. Bonnie might even come to a 5 rhythms Sunday with me. 

The morning sun is illuminating the mountains above the tree line. I don't know when my contractor will call. I leave early next week and thought they'd be busy over here while I was gone but not, apparently. Working with my impatience. 

Still no babies. The moon was so round and bright last night. I was sure someone would call in labor but nope. 

Clark, my dear friend and love (if he were 20 years older and a girl...) is hosting his fundamentalist Nebraska parents and they are coming to Sunday dance. Ha! Heaven only knows what they will think of us hippies swirling and twirling for 90 minutes. They believe that Clark will go to hell because he's queer but they love and support him anyway. Er. Hmmm. Will they dance with us? Will they sit in folding chairs and watch? Must be painful to have rigid beliefs about someone you love. 

Another day to move 50 pound cement blocks from the back yard to the parking strip. Then when I'm dripping with sweat, Felix and I head down to the lake and jump in. Making room for a garden. Liberating the dirt. 


Ms. Moon said...

You are, as always, doing such good work. You are not just the good food person. You are the good person.
I hold you in such high esteem and also, you make me laugh.

Radish King said...

Oh I love to think of you jumping in the lake because I will do the same today and wave at you over there and bark at Felix.


Radish King said...

ps. I use that cookbook still and mine is in the same shape. Have they ever reprinted it?