Monday, July 07, 2014

A momma came in this morning in whopping labor. She had recently transferred from an OB who was worried about her size, (she's teeny) and could she do it, could she give birth normally. At nine centimeters, she looked at us and said, 'ha ha, you fuckers!" And she pushed out that 7 pound baby after only an hour.

Women are stronger than mountains.


Ms. Moon said...

I fucking love this with all my heart.

Elizabeth said...

I love it!

Jo said...

Can I link to this on facebook? We need these stories! 7lbs seems small to me - (baby no1 was 8 12) but I bet it seems titchy to Mary :)

Still... I got the childbearing hips, no one could accuse me of being tiny.

Lisa said...

Oh that's awesome!

beth coyote said...

Mary-I loves me a woman who swears during labor.


Jo-sure, go ahead.

Lisa-It is and she was.