Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I've now had 3 3/4 dates and I'm going to dinner on her (leased) houseboat on Friday if I don't get called to a birth. I'm still being very quiet about this because, well, just because.

I'm going to walk el parro to the water where we will plunge ourselves in the refreshment as it continues to be tropically hot here in the formerly cool NW.

I also need stuff for Italy. a) a garment for my alter-ego-reverend person and b) a wheelie-backpack thingy I can travel with that will have everything I need-swim suits, sturdy shoes, books and music (not a piano, silly), aforementioned outfit for wedding day and clothes for hanging around cathedrals, public squares, seasides and bistros. And my toothbrush.

Suddenly feeling anxious. Very anxious. Time to exercise and exorcise the demons.

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Lisa said...

This is the second year in a row Georgia has stolen your weather and we are not giving it back ;)