Thursday, January 02, 2014

Came home today and Deb's already found another place to live, rented an apartment. Whew. That was fast. She's outa here as quick as possible, apparently.

I made a cocktail for myself consisting of Scotch, lemon/ginger/honey beverage and sparkling water. Why, you ask, don't you go straight for the Scotch. Because I want a cocktail, dammit, no matter how inept or peculiar.

Am I heartbroken and sad. Yes. I am.


Ms. Moon said...

I would have gone straight for the vodka. You win.
Oh sweetie. Life hurts. Over and overafuckinggin.

beth coyote said...

Thank you dear Mary for being in my corner, however far away you may be. If I lived down the street, you know I'd be at your house right now cryin' in my beer and eating your delicious vittles.


Radish King said...

Here's Absolut with mango juice in yr eye. Love you.

Birdie said...

Of course your heart is broken, dear one. Life has a way of doing that and god it is painful. I have no words of wisdom except to be in the moment. You will be well. You will.

Mel said...

Having a cocktail here with you right now. Of course you are sad, how can you not be, even if this was the right or only choice you could make?
Life is so bittersweet. I hope you get more sweet soon.

Elizabeth said...

Raising my glass to you -- it's a new year and all will be well (even with fresh scar tissue, I imagine)

Sabine said...

Cocktails were invented for times like these, obviously.


beth coyote said...

RK- Bengal tiger!!!


Mel-it's all over but the shouting (and crying)


Sabine-it's a grand and mysterious cocktail world

Radish King said...

Beth it was such a weirdly magik night.

Jo said...

I'm sorry :(