Wednesday, January 22, 2014

For lunch I had a smoothie made with chard and almond milk, two tofu hotdogs with mustard and a bowl of granola. I think I hit all the food groups.

When I arrived home today there were a mess 'o feathers and bird blood on the kitchen floor compliments of the katz, the murdering bastards. It is their nature but sometimes their nature is a bitch.

Two sightings of a holy/ethereal/ miraculous sort:

Over the weekend I was tooling down MLK and in the opposite lane, in the road, complete with police escort, were about 200 people, Ethiopians? All wearing white, long white scarves on their heads. A few young men were in the front with rolled up carpets. In the center of the crowd was a canopy with three wise men? underneath. They were lavishly dressed with bright colors around their faces. Wha???? The Ethiopian version of the Dalai Lama? I immediately wanted to pull over and park and get out of the car. Cars on the road were wrong. I wanted to bow down.

Today driving across Beacon Hill, I was scanning for the dead end road where the Buddhist monastery is. I stumbled on it once, looking for a mom in labor. I  found the street and there in the median was an elderly woman standing beside her wheelchair fervently praying with her palms together in the direction of the monastery. Again public worship. In the daytime. Random.

The homeless man I gave a dollar to had beautiful hazel eyes. He liked the color of my car, same color of the tarp he's calling home.

I'm just a visitor here.


Ms. Moon said...

Yep. That we are. And are you not praying when you are dancing?

Elizabeth said...

I read this and think it's a song.

beth coyote said...

Mary dear-that i am. Sunday is called Sweat Your Prayers.