Saturday, January 11, 2014

The weather is yuck and cold and rainy. Usually I love a good challenge; long raincoat, big boots, dog on lease and off we go to get pelted and soaked and invigorated.

Not feeling it today. Still in my pajamas wishing for a fireplace and an old movie (Sunset Boulevard, anyone?) and popcorn. And hot chocolate.

It whipped and roared and blew and threw garbage cans down the street last night. The dog woke up and crawled under the bed. It was dramatic. And a momma is in labor. Barometric pressure, that's what brings out the babies.

I NEVER get a day like this when I stay in a state of undress, sleep in and putter about. Only when I'm sick and that doesn't count.

Meanwhile, the umbrella I left opened on the back porch has disappeared. Poof! It's undoubtedly down the street visiting a neighbor.


Jo said...

Oo, stormbaby!

Birdie said...

From what I remember of your posts you are in the Pacific Northwest. I am on Vancouver island and we are having the same weather. Today is the rainiest day we have had in months! And the wind! So far I have not got dressed and it is 2:15. I will soon though. Or not.

Elizabeth said...

We get so few of those days here in southern California -- I miss them. It sounds as if you did the perfect thing to stay inside in pajamas --