Sunday, December 22, 2013

While looking at bras online (don't chide me here, I hate going to stores, hate it), I found a bra that was $180. For one bra. What's it made of, gold, frankincense and myrrh?


Going dancing now with my Sunday darlings.


Ms. Moon said...

Beth- you and I need to invent a bra that doesn't feel like a bra and for which we can charge $180.
Have fun dancing- the perfect worship service.

Radish King said...

hhehheeeehehehehehheheeee and I agree. I have had to sew all my bras shut because the snaps and pulleys and gadgets are falling apart. cannot afford another. so be it. most of the time I go without.

Sabine said...

No matter how much they cost I always get them in the wrong wash and they fade into greys etc. - got so far that I actually keep one in almost pristine conditions for those medical appointments when I need to undress. I feel like degrading my feminist rebellious past when I wear this shit. But there's worse. Probably.

beth coyote said...

Mary-you're on-then we can make our fortune and retire to Tahiti.

RK-Fred Meyer is 'my' bra place, the $10 bra that stretches out and is not flattering, not.

Sabine-right? I have the pristine one in my closet on a hanger.

Lisa (aka Mollie's mom) said...

I decided to get reconstruction surgery after viewing the price of mastectomy bras. They are considered durable medical equipment and thus the price is marked up a million percent.

Jo said...

Perhaps it comes with new boobs?