Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Another questionable nativity scene for your viewing pleasure:

 Uh, Joseph and Marty?

On my walk, three eagles and a woodpecker. And many people in the park with relatives from out of town. Going to California on Thursday to celebrate my darling Maya. We're going to the clothing-optional spa (I went years ago with nary a thought but now. Er, well, a sarong can cover additional poundage from the ensuing years, right?) We're gonna soak in the hottest water and then cold plunge. You do that enough times and you get high, legally. We'll have massages too. Maya's birthday party.


Radish King said...

Merry Christmas Eve and happy birth day my darling poet.

Ms. Moon said...

I always loved taking call at the birth center on Christmas day. What could be better than a Christmas baby? And you have one.
Much love.