Saturday, December 14, 2013

Today is the day to wrap and pack and shlep to the post office. So I'm in bed in my bathrobe, willing myself to get moving.

At least I wiped off jelly jars. They are so sticky, they stick to each other and the counter.

Why don't I have enough boxes? I'll have to go get some.

My left knee is hinky but I assert that each day it gets better and I won't need anything horrid like surgery. I can walk! I can dance! I can't bend it all the way.

Alright, grumpybus, get up and get dressed and get your holiday cheer on.



Radish King said...

Thinking about your sweet knee. Ice ice ice! It works well for pain. I used frozen organic corn. I had two little bags of it in the freezer and they worked like a charm maybe in a feels I'll feed it to the crows.

Good morning.

Ms. Moon said...

I actually got out of the house today and so of course there were horrible storms but it wasn't so bad at all. And I hardly noticed any holiday madness. Okay, a little. And I hardly bought anything either but somehow, I feel cheered that I went out, I shopped, I survived, I am home.
Do you tell your ladies to use frozen corn (as Madame King said) or frozen peas on their perineums after delivery?

beth coyote said...

Frozen veggies are the best for everything. Moldable.

Young at Heart said...

I used arnica cream and frozen peas on my ankle......hope it's all better soon!!

Elizabeth said...

Why am I now only reading your blog? I will be up all night, I'm sure.