Sunday, July 07, 2013


Today I washed the kitchen floor and brought up about 6 cans of paint from the cellar. My counter tops have chipped edging and today I put myself to task to sand and repaint, which I did. As I was in a frenzy, I also cleaned the grout with grout cleaner and a brush. Sadly, I don's see much of a difference. I also covered a few places on the cabinets which have gotten chipped.  Unfortunately I didn't realize that paint was OIL until I was well into it. Oil does not wash off, dummy. But saints be praised, I found some mineral spirits so I could clean off the brush, my hands, my rings, etc.

In the morning, I went dancing, not with my usual people but it was a revelry, none the less. Good music, a fine sweat and I danced out the ghosts.

If I don't exercise, I become more morose than usual. I can't even stand myself.

Now the dog needs his romp. A swim in the lake and ball throwing is in order. I'll have to go in too, oh darn.


Ms. Moon said...

I haven't been getting enough exercise and my mind knows it and yes, morose is a damn good way to describe it.

beth coyote said...

Ms Moon. If I only lived next door. I'd come get you and we could take a dog or not and ramble along the road until we had gotten the pulse rate up and we were sweating (glowing) like proper southern ladies.

I wouldn't get the vapors but you can.


Mel said...

I'm in awe of your commitment to exercising, and thrilled that you do it with dance. Envious, maybe a little.

We just paid to much to have the house exterior painted, and you can't even tell. My husband said it wasn't about aesthetics, but about protecting the wood. Still, I think I should see more than trampled flowers.

My dog needs a romp so badly, as we've been travelling and my teenage son is a terrible dogsitter, but at least he isn't starving. I need a walk too, but the monsoon has set in for the day.

Your new picture is enchanting. I swiped a copy so I can dream in it some more.