Monday, July 15, 2013


We had a jolly clinic picnic yesterday with many little ones and a terrible cake from Costco which I pawned off on a lovely family at the end of the night, what was left of it.

It's all about watering. I dread my water bill that's surely coming.

I'm gonna walk to the co-op and buy groceries. I'll bring Felix so he can sit outside and guard against squirrels.

I almost went to my Black neighbors to apologize for the atrocious ruling in Florida. I'm sorry probably wouldn't cut it. I'm in despair about it as I often think the right decision will prevail. In spite of Reagan and 2 Bushes and the Iraq war and a lot of other bonehead situations over the years. But Treyvon Martin was a child and you don't kill children, stalk them and shoot them in the heart. Gawd. All those mothers with their Black and Brown sons, every day worrying that they won't come home.

I wish for peace for his family and community.


Ms. Moon said...

We have to just keep doing what we can to make the babies safe. That's all I can come up with, Beth.

Young at Heart said...

it is so often not a wonderful world.......but today the sun is shinning at least!!